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Bruno 100lb 28" OFA'd good 

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click  here for pictures of Hannah and Brutus past offspring  
Click here for pictures of 
Large GermanShepherd puppies from Mega past offspringf
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Zack is OFA'd good , 115lbs at  2yrs old. He has more filling out to do,   standing 30" at shoulders, He has a very happy  and stable temperament, loves everyone and producing offspring  like himself with some  males even larger .such as Bea's big Kash, scroll down to see this guy, who is coming to visit me first part of Oct, can't wait.. 
 Zacks sire , Royalairs' Kodiak 

 Zacks dam WindyAcres Cassie 
 these past girls are now retired ,Brutus  now   semi retired 
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Pictures of  Zack and Hannah offspring from thier last litter 
Bea and  Kash ,at 1yr old in OHIO reported 138lbs at 14 months old
Last update from Bea reported Kash vet weighed at 156 lbs at 19 months old.
way to go ZACKun ybLat ar La  to add tt.
Steves Bear at 10month
Brian's 2 sisters in NY at 10months. enjoying the pool,now at this time reported over 100lbs   
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Beverlys female  10mnoths now over 105lbs
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Price of puppies for  repeat breedings   upon request  
 we are getting some awesome reports on the size and temeperamts of  past offspring,  Reference pictures of past offspring available,
All puppies sold to pet homes only
 shipping available .. $300 deposit will hold picking position by litter and sex.
We are a lisenced Business , so WV state tax will be added to price of puppies picked up in state

DBA * AgapeSelah Shepherds 

Barlo's sire:     Briarwood's BRUTUS  
Barlo's  dam :    MEGA A Gem Selah
Willies Tonga at 17monts. Brutus son
 Updated pictures of Lins '    BEAR from PA.  Brutus /Mega  son . and  GRIZZ a Brutus Hannah son   check their   vet weights Lin has put on their pictureblsi                                                                                            
Elizabeth & Steve's male , MD
Spirit of Zackahriah Selah  3 years old .
Zack's head shot at 3 yrs old
zack 20months
Past reference pictures from owners of offspring from various litters below many more reference pictures avaialble upon request due to interest.,

Barlo at 1.5 yrs old,  
 He has passed his OFA prelims at a yr, and will be certified sometime in Oct. , then we will have his weight updated,
 His height is 30" at the shoulder and he has that BIG big head with expression,
He is the calmest , most affectionate stud dog I have ever owned, He is the type that wants  to be  by your side, no matter what the other  dogs are doing,,  EXCEPT  of course when  it is breeding time,, ,  he focus's on his job, even then  he has all the calm patience  that I  love to be around..,