Selah`s white German Shepherd "Boss" Offspring Page.
Large German Shepherd puppies pictured at 3wks of age to 1yr. of age.

Boss is a rare unique apricot, carmel color,long coat white. He is considered a solid white and will produce snow white puppies and puppies like himself when bred to a solid white female.  He will only produce black and tans or black and reds when bred to a black and tan female. We only get "his" type of coloring in his pups when he is bred to a solid white.
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Boss`s color as he is growing up
Kuda from 6wks to 1year of age!
Beautiful girl! Her coat will grow longer in her second year.
Zues below at 1 year of age. short coat white male
Male short coat at 5 months.
Thor 5 months
Male short coat 8mths Snow white coat
Male at 7mths
Pictures Below are of Boss offspring when bred to a black and tan female
This girl is 7mths old in these pictures out of Helga and Boss.
I hope to be getting more pictures to add to Boss`s page!.
Old Fashioned Type,long haired,long coat,solid white.
Sadie with her new buddy Kitten
Keegan at 1year of age
big girl
Bandit 8mths
Bandit at 1year. Bandit looks a lot like his sire Boss! His apricot coloring will come back in darker in the next year of growing.
Beautiful boy wonderful temperament!
@ 1 year
Bandit Long Coat solid White
Below are pictures of Boss past litters
2yrs. old here
meeting her new addtion to the family!
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3 yrs old
Look at how much Boss grew and matured from 10mths-3yrs. of age!